Election Administration


Final day for filing for the Town of Terry municipal election is June 21st by 5:00PM. 

File in person at the Prairie County Courthouse in the Clerk and Recorders office. 


Election Administration
Shari Robertson Election Administrator
Aria Walters Deputy
Phone 406-635-5575  
Fax 406-635-5576  
Office hours: 8:00 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 5:00 Monday - Friday  
217 W Park Street  
PO Box 125  
Terry, MT 59349-0125  




Annual Elections – School District Trustee/Levy (1st Tuesday after Monday in May)

Hospital District Trustee (School Election Day, if necessary)

Buffalo Rapids Trustee (School Election Day)

Fire Districts (School Election Day, if necessary)


Even Numbered Year Elections: Federal (Primary – June & General – November)

State (Primary – June & General – November)

County (Primary – June & General – November)

Conservation District (November with Primary)

Hospital District Levy (June with Primary)


Odd Numbered Year Elections:

Town (Primary – September, if needed & General – November)

Fallon Sewer District (November with Town General, if necessary)

Polling Places Precincts 1, 2, and 4:

Lobby of Terry High School

215 Park Street Terry, MT 59349

Precinct 3:

Fallon Coffee Shop

518 N. Railway Ave Fallon, MT 59326


The Prairie County Election Office strives to administer Prairie County Elections accurately and impartially, and to encourage citizen participation in the electoral process.