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County commissioners

District 1 Christine Keltner
District 2 Dennis Teske
District 3 Todd Devlin


The Prairie County Board of Commissioners is responsible for exercising the county’s administrative, executive, and legislative powers. The Commission supervises the administration of county government, prepares and manages the annual budget, levies taxes, administers subdivision review and approval, and supervises road and bridge construction and maintenance.

The Board is comprised of three officials who represent different geographic areas of the county but who are elected by the entire county to six-year staggered terms.

The mission of the Prairie County Board of Commissioners is to provide leadership to all functions of county government, to communicate with the citizens of Prairie County, to deliver cost-effective services, to provide an atmosphere that encourages economic growth, and to help protect the rights of the citizens of the county consistent with Montana and Federal law.



The Commissioners attend regularly scheduled meetings three times per month from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:

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