The 2020 Federal Primary Election will be an ALL-MAIL ballot election!

See Election Administration for more information



The Prairie County Commissioners and their Election Administrators, with input from their County Directors of Public Health, have taken the option to run the Primary Election this year BY MAIL. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Bullock issued an Executive Order on March 26th which gave each county this option in order to help safeguard our workers, our poll judges and Montana voters.   

The ballots will be counted on Election Day, June 2nd, but NO POLLING PLACES will be open.  Ballots will be mailed from all Montana counties participating in this option on

MAY 8TH. Please make sure that you are regularly checking your mailbox until the ballot is received.

We want to ensure that our records are current and that your ballot reaches you as quickly as possible! If you are currently not registered and wish to be, please contact us. The County Election Office is currently closed to the public, so if you are a voter and want to double-check your information and status OR just have questions, please contact us using one of the methods below:

Prairie County Elections Administration

Phone: 406-635-5575 or     

CLOSE of registration for this election is MAY 26TH! This is three weeks LATER than our normal date to give voters a longer period to register BY MAIL, rather than in person and here in the election office. Please, do not delay!  Registrations postmarked by May 26th will be accepted.  We will mail ballots to these voters as quickly as possible. 

If you miss the May 26th deadline, LATE REGISTRATION IN PERSON WILL BE AVAILABLE at the Clerk & Recorder’s Offices beginning on May 27th. The governor’s directive for the six foot rule WILL be implemented.  We urge all new voters to register by mail before that deadline in order to maintain safety for all.